Ongoing Projects

Improving Missing Data Analysis in Distributed Research Networks
Funding source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (R01HS026214) [Link]
Study period: 2018-2021
Principal Investigator: Darren Toh 
Objectives: Refine existing methods and develop new methods to improve missing data analysis in distributed data networks. 
Privacy-Preserving Distributed Analysis of Biomedical Big Data
Funding source: National Institutes of Health (U01EB023683) [Link 1][Link 2]
Study period: 2016-2020
Principal Investigator: Darren Toh 
Objectives: Develop a new capability to perform distributed regression in vertically partitioned data, a data environment where information about an individual is available in two or more data sources. 
Sentinel Initiative
Funding source: Food and Drug Administration (HHSF223201400030I) [Link]
Study period: 2014-2019
Principal Investigator: Richard Platt
Co-Investigator: Darren Toh, Jeffrey Brown
Objectives: Develop and maintain a new national active surveillance system to monitor the safety of FDA-regulated medical products.
A Reusable, Generalizable Method to Link Health Plan Data with the National Death Index Plus to Examine the Associations between Medical Products and Death and Causes of Death
Funding source: Food and Drug Administration (HHSF223201710132C)
Study period: 2017-2020
Principal Investigator: Darren Toh
Objectives: Establish a reusable and generalizable approach to link multiple health plan databases with the National Death Index Plus to conduct safety and effectiveness assessment of medical products.
Replicating Randomized-Controlled Trials with Real-World Data
Funding source: OptumLabs
Study period: 2019-2020
Principal Investigators: Darren Toh, Xiaojuan Li 
Objectives: Replicate two randomized controlled trials using the electronic health data available in the OptumLabs Data Warehouse. 
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